How Does Artificial Intelligence Work?

Many of us think that the term “Artificial Intelligence” introduced in 1956 by scientist Mack Kathie. But are we sure about it? Do we have any idea what is AI or how does it work? Let us have a look at a brief explanation of it through this article.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science, where human’s intelligence and thinking ability is tried to be copied. Now, AI became an academic place where students are taught how to make computers and software which can show intelligence.

When and How it Started

If you go for the pages of history, you can see that famous writer Samuel Buttler has introduced ‘Machine Consciousness’ in his novel at first. His created character ‘Erewhon’ is mainly a machine but it is able to work like normal human being. It was early 1872, so it couldn’t proceed in real life.

After 78 years, scientist Elan Turing brought Erewhon to the real life. He assumes that very soon computer would be able to copy human’s thoughts. In 1957, a computer program was invented which can play Dots.

The basic purpose of inventing the computer was to calculate mathematical terms without any intelligence. But if the reverse happens? If the computer starts to think by itself, then what will happen?

Let’s see the possible answer of these questions answered by Arther C Clarke at his science fiction book ‘2001 A Space Odyssey’ in 1968. Stanley Kubrick made a movie based on this book. Many scientists made fun of the two masterpieces and said, the new journey of human culture has begun right after this. It is really true; many advanced thoughts about AI came from this book.

Some exclusive examples of the invention

1970: Research and make of robot starts.

1996: “Deep Blue” made by IBM defeats world chess champion,  Garry Kasparov.

1999: Sony brings pet robot ‘AIBO’ for entertainment in the market.

2005: Honda brings intelligent robot ‘Asimo’.

2011: Virtual Artificial Intelligence brings Google, Apple, Siri. Cortana brings Microsoft.

2011: ‘IBM Watson’ wins the competition of question and answer.

2016: World’s first Artificial Intelligence Attorney ‘IBM Ross’.

2016-2017: Modern research on automation or active robots which started to bring a vast change in the job market.


Application of Artificial Intelligence

Natural Language Processing: Natural languages spoken by the human being which is understood by the computer. It is possible to interact with that computer.

Expert System: There are some applications which spread software, machine and special information to notify advising and reasoning. Those convey instructions and explanation to the users.

Gaming: Artificial Intelligence plays important role in strategic games such as chess, tic-tac-toe, poker etc where a machine has to think critically.

Vision Systems: These systems interpret, understand and comprehend visual raw material on the PC. Cops identify the face of criminal by the software made by a forensic artist.

Speech Recognition: A few intelligent systems are able to listen and understand the meaning of the language which human speak. It can manage various styles of talking, slangs, background noise and change in voice during cold etc.

Handwriting Recognition: Handwriting recognition software reads the content written on the paper by a pen or on the screen by a stylus. It recognizes the pattern of letters and changes it to an editable content.

Intelligent Robots: Robots can do the activities which are assigned by a human. They have sensors to identify real physical data such as light, temperature, heat, movement, sound and so on. They can learn from their mistakes and can adopt new environment easily.


IBM WATSON is the best example of AI in business. It was inspired by a human brain. Watson collected data similar to human brain. If you want to learn or study more deeply about AI then you can do the course ‘Intro to Artificial Intelligence’. We are being in touch of AI without even knowing properly. When we play games on the mobile phone as chess or clash of cans, search on Google, even if you are reading this post, Skype and so on are included in the example of AI. Can you remember the movie of James Cameroon, ‘Terminator’? Where machine rules over the universe and kills the people. That is why scientist says, ‘Intelligent machine is good but we have to be more careful in these kinds of research and experiment’.

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