Technology Makes Us More Alone

What is Technology?

Technology defines the practical implementation of machine and natural elements by a specific species. In human society technology is the obvious result of science and engineering. How the species can adopt and use their environment that is decided by technology. I’m here to talk about how technology is making us alone and more alone each and every day!

The Life-Cycle of Technology

There are four steps,

  1. Research and Development
  2. Ascent and Commercialization
  3. Diffusion and Maturity
  4. Decline and Substitution

Sectors of Technology

  1. Aerospace Technology
  2. Agriculture Technology
  3. Engineering Technology
  4. Geographical Technology
  5. Transportation Technology
  6. Chemical Technology and so on

How Technology Makes Us More Alone?

Technology is making us antisocial

Imagine, you are walking on the road and suddenly asked a stranger his/her name, his address or his phone number. Feeling a little bit awkward, right? But you are doing it regularly on social media!

We don’t talk with people who are travelling beside us in same bus. Even we don’t like to do regular conversation with our family now. We are busy with phone, laptop, television etc. Technology is making us antisocial day by day.

In 2020, this is impossible to do anything without technology. From dawn to dusk, we need technology in every aspect. We can talk with people from miles away, can see them, can do the shopping online, can pay the bills and manage the bank accounts. But isn’t it decreasing the interaction between people? Isn’t technology making us more alone than before?

How Technology is Harming Our Daily Life

Technology is Harming Our Daily Life

1) Attending Social gatherings to click pictures only. Earlier people used to be excited to meet cousins, friends and play silly games altogether. But now only posting of pictures with hash tags is left.

2) Lack of self-confidence because we are dependent on our social acceptance on Social networking sites. (I am looking good only if i get 200 likes on photos)

3) People are having meals with family but everyone is busy on gadgets. (Only sitting together at one table but conversations going on mobile)

4) People are avoiding reading of books and always using search engines to get knowledge.

5) Everything is done by sitting at home only (shopping, bill, payments etc) so no going out and meeting people.

6) Children are more comfortable at home and in their own room with their gadgets. They don’t want to interact with people who come to visit them at their place. But yes they really enjoy conversations with strangers at social networking sites and easily misguided by them. It means they want to live in solitude at home but connected with people on internet.

7) Technology has made children believe that anything can be done just by a click. It has made their mind set that everything should be done within fraction of seconds. They expect the same from their life. When they don’t get the same, feel depressed, alone and rejected.

8) Technology has introduced us to virtual friends. People feel good while chatting with them. But this is human’s need to meet and spend time with people personally so that they can come to know about them. They keep chatting for hours but when they actually need someone to be around they feel lonely.

Excessive Use of Technology Cause Diseases

Too much use of technology can cause disease. It works like a drug, which slowly poisons our brain and body. It can cause,

  • Brain Cancer
  • Liver Disease
  • Eyesight Decrease
  • Appetite Problem
  • Insomnia


We use Facebook to connect with people rather than writing emails or letters. We have less real friends and more online friends. We talk to AI, but don’t want to talk to strangers. We want AI, so we can spend more time in the Matrix detaching from reality. Our smartphones do everything, but allow us to have great phone conversations. There is always poor quality and a lot of background noise. We spend all day on our phones and feel empty when we are not hooked in to social media. We love our tech and use people. Then we wonder why everyone is exhibiting the same behavior. It’s not necessary but it’s a new pattern.

We take so many pictures with our phones, that we can’t spend a moment just enjoying the now of whatever location we’re in. We now are addicted to intangible things like apps, but judge people who have “worse” addictions.

Yes I would say technology is indeed making us more and more alone by the day!

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