Freelancing: The Future of Employment

                 Freelancing: The Future of Employment

Many people expect to get formal employment upon completing school. However, due to large numbers of graduates entering the job market every year this is not the possible. The best option for them is freelancing. You might be asking yourself if freelancing is going to be the future of employment or not. I’m here to answer your question.

The art of freelancing has emerged the leading employer. It has created vast employment to many people especially youths. This has relieved them from the headache of joblessness since they get paid after completing the tasks given. It is quite clear that online writing remains the future of employment.

With technological advancement the future of labor is going digital. One does not need to have those big machines to join freelancing team. With a smartphone or PC that has internet connectivity one can be a freelancer.

Freelancing offers jobs in different fields; article writing, academic writing, copywriting, web development, web design, graphic design, app development among so many others. This makes it attract a huge number of job seekers. If this trend keep running faster then there’s no doubt freelancing is the future of employment.

The art of paperwork is slowly fading away with the introduction of new technology. The generation we have, prefer working on their phone or computer rather than handling a huge stack of papers. Isn’t this suffice to say that freelancing is the future of profession, hiring or recruitment? Of course it is! These days you can easily find young kids are using smartphone, tablet, PC. Kids are pretty much attached with all the new technologies and gadgets. Once become adult they will verily embrace the digital working environment adding to the large number of freelancers. So, I’ll bet my money on that the future of employment is with freelancing.

Most students work as part time freelancers in order to meet their needs. With the limited free time they have, they find freelancing the best thing to do. With the passing time they gain such experience and skills that after completing their studies they get employed as full-time freelancers . The future of employment will soon turn digital.

Several organizations have realized the benefits of digital marketing. They have found out that they can get in touch with their prospective clients through the online platforms. This has created a pool of job opportunities for freelancers. They are contacted to do some advertising for these companies at an agreed cost. With this rapid growth of digital marketing the future of employment for business oriented individuals lies with freelancing as it is less costly and much more effective!

Many companies, organizations are now looking for ways to reap a lot of profit with minimum investment. Thankfully a small but effective labor force of freelancers are their best way to go. For so many companies freelancing came as a blessing. This is common with media industry. Their unending need for content has made them to embrace freelancing. This makes the future employment of online journalists freelancing for sure. This is also with other service industries like banking, telecommunications and insurance. They have come up with apps that enable their clients to get served online.

Colleges and universities have embraced the digital working platforms. Some offer online tutorials and exams. With the growing number of universities there is a threat to the limited land resource. Since online platforms never get congested institutions have gone digital. This creates more jobs for freelancers. It will definitely make freelancing the ultimate future of employment for lecturers and tutors.

Many people got this feeling of ‘I am tired of having to report to work early every day.’ They eventually resort looking for work that gives them comfort and as well favor their schedule. Perhaps freelancing could be the best option. Who doesn’t love freedom?? It’s much better to work on your own schedule, work from anywhere you want, there’s no dress code! You can wear pajama or underwear or even be nude! No one is going to object because in your room you’re the only boss! Could you imagine the number of people who would want to set their day to day work schedule by their own choice??

 Advantages of Freelancing

1. Flexibility

We are heading to a future where individuals want freedom to manage time. This makes freelancing the future of employment because the individual’s decide when and where to work.

2. Work from Home/Remote

The fact that you do not have to go to an office to write your articles or design a logo makes freelancing the most preferred. You do not incur transport cost and as well get enough time to attend other household chores. You can do the writing while at the park, beach, traveling or anywhere with internet connectivity.

3. Easy to Start

You only need a smartphone or computer with internet connectivity. Freelancing doesn’t require you to put up an office so you don’t have to look for capital to start working as a freelancer. Before starting just make sure that you’re truly skilled on the related fields, standing on which you will pursue your freelancing career otherwise your freelance career would stop before starting!

In conclusion, The rapid growth of internet connection almost everywhere in the world coupled with high unemployment rate now it is safe enough to say that the future of employment is freelancing.

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